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Apple iPhone 4 launches in Canada, long lines as expected

After lagging a little more than a month behind our American counterparts, Canadians were finally able to purcahse the Apple iPhone 4 as of this morning. As with so many other Apple launches, the lineups to buy were certainly noteworthy.

My friend Gary from iPhoneinCanada.ca started lining up outside the Apple Store at Pacific Centre (Downtown Vancouver) last night and, as of 6am this morning, he said the line was about 300 deep. I’d imagine lineups would be similar at other major stores across the country. Crazy!

So, in case you haven’t heard (and you didn’t go line up this morning), here are the prices for the iPhone 4 in Canada. Just make sure you sign up to get that free bumper case too!

  • Telus: 16GB/32GB iPhone 4 for $159/$269 with a three-year contract, $649/$749 outright
  • Bell: 16GB/32GB iPhone 4 for $159.95/$269.95 with three-year contract, no outright price available on website
  • Rogers/Fido: 16GB/32GB iPhone 4 for $159/$269 locked on contract, $649/$749 outright
  • Apple Store: 16GB/32GB iPhone 4 unlocked without contract for $659/$779

Based on this, you can pay a slight premium ($10-$30) to buy from the Apple Store to get a completely factory unlocked iPhone 4 versus the outright price at Telus or Rogers, both of which will presumably have their iPhone models locked to their respective networks.  One thing that is still unsure is the data plan for Rogers and Bell have 6GB for $30, but Telus is mum.  Did you grab an iPhone today?

[iPhoneinCanada] Photo: tomsaint/flickr



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  1. Line up’s were unreal! So one would think that buying online would be a good alternative, but its not, Apple’s Canadian website states approximately 3 weeks to ship, which means what??? 3 weeks or 8 weeks?

    I guess there is no fanfare to selling millions online, but since every news channel in Canada and the US will be showing pictures of Christmas like line-ups at the Apple store this evening, this should boost their stock price some more and provide no incentive to have adequate stock for their online customers.

    Viva Apple, you marketing genius’

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