Evatran’s plugless power to make life easier for all electric car owners

Evatran's Plugless Power station for Electric Cars

Electric cars will never need to be plugged in again with Evatrans new “hands-free power” technology.  Although we haven’t really had any time at all to deal with the high voltage cables or plugs that are required to charge our EVs.  This new invention uses a wireless induction charger (one massive Powermat) which beams electricity wirelessly. All you do is drive up to the mat and stop. From there it charges a small device placed on the undercarriage of your vehicle, and it gets better.  The company will be selling these to businesses and garages, so the little mats will be available virtually everywhere you roll up.  The charger itself will be available for $800, while the mats will go for under $3,500. The launch date is set for April, and by then Evatran plans on having even more features to peak our alternatively powered interests.

[Green Autoblog, via Plugless Power]

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