Another leak reveals iPod touch 4 with 2MP camera, or does it?

ipodtouch4g1 Another leak reveals iPod touch 4 with 2MP camera, or does it?
iPod Touch 4G DVT2-1 "prototype" could be a fake, we'll have to wait and see

A couple of months ago we caught a glimpse at what appeared to be the next-generation iPod touch 4G. Well, it seems that we’re getting closer to the real deal, because today’s leak seems to confirm that the iPod touch 4G will have a camera on the back.  It’s a little premature to call this a confirmation, but it does add some weight to the rumor that the next iPod touch 4 (whatever you want to call it) will indeed house a digital camera. Based on today’s prototype photo, the next Apple media player has 32GB of storage and a camera at the top of unknown quality; based on earlier reports, two-megapixels sounds about right.

You’ll also notice that this prototype has been tagged with DVT-2. This is important, because that stands for Design Verification Test, which implies an Apple production milestone. The DVT stamp is only added to devices when the design is very close to production-ready. And that makes sense, since the iPod line is probably due for another refresh in time for the new school year in September.  What makes me want to yell fake is the fact that it’s based around the old iPhone 3GS shell, wouldn’t the next-generation iPod touch be a bit more resemblant of the iPhone 4?


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