HTC’s move from AMOLED to SLCD may just be a good idea


You may have heard that HTC is moving away from AMOLED displays and toward the Sony-made Super LCD panels for its smartphones. It’s a supply issue, apparently, but should you as the end consumer be concerned about this move? Apparently not. Yes, the AMOLED display on the HTC Legend looks positively brilliant, but this most recent video is showing that the Super LCD isn’t really that far off. The Sony-sourced display has a little less contrast, but the overall performance difference is seemingly minimal in comparison.

Even HTC is claiming that the “visual experience is comparable” and the move to Super LCD should result in improved battery life, among other “additional benefits” we have yet to know about. We’ll see what the production quality is like before we put forth a recommendation. Check out the video below to see how a Super LCD (HTC Desire) fares against an AMOLED (Nexus One), LCD (Motorola Milestone), and Super AMOLED (Samsung Wave).

[Gizmodo via Howard Forums]

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