Standivarius Aero laptop stand is ultra-leightweight and slim

Standivarius Aero laptop cooling stand

I lead a relatively mobile lifestyle, having ditched my last desktop computer years ago in favor of a laptop-only existence. For those of you in the same boat as me, a suitable stand for your notebook is sometimes essential. Keeping the weight low and the style high is the Standivarius Aero. If you’re used to having larg notebook cooling stands with fans humming just to keep the temperature down, the Standivarius Aero maybe a nice alternative. It’s designed to go with you in your notebook bag, and instead of active cooling fans it uses a passive heatsink solution to keep things cool. No matter how slim your Dell Adamo or MacBook Air may be, you can probably find space to fit this compact stand in your bag too. The $56 Standivarius Aero tips the scales at a mere 135 grams and “takes about two seconds to set up.”

[Gizmodo via Standivarius]

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