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Legal Jailbreaking could bring Flash to the iPhone and iPad

News came today as the US Government announced new exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). One of the most notable and perhaps useless exemptions is the iPhone Jailbreaking grant. It is no longer “illegal” to Jailbreak your iPhone or other similar Apple device according to a U.S. Library of Congress ruling today. What does this mean? Well, you will no longer be facing criminal charges if you installed Cydia on your iPhone. But most importantly, it protects the application developers and Jailbreakers out there from prosecution. They can go on for three years (this is how long the new exemptions are valid for) creating unsanctioned apps for the iPhone and iPad for use on jailbroken devices. We can expect to see Jailbreaking services from people for a fee. Although it’s probably one of the easiest things to do to your iDevice. The exemption also allows cellphones to be unlocked for use with any carrier. This was apparently against the law prior to this announcement, but as well all know, it hasn’t stopped anyone before. The lawmakers hardly have enough time to manage real crimes, let alone ones that involve the unlocking of a gadget.

This ruling does not force Apple or other manufacturers to stop their digital encryption and protection methods. They can still void your warranty if you bring them an unlocked or jailbroken phone. What it can do is legitimize the developments from companies like Adobe and Mozilla to create third-party applications for sale from unsanctioned app stores, for use on jailbroken iPhones. More specifically, Adobe could now create a Flash plugin for a fully-featured FireFox browser which you have downloaded legally from Cydia and Apple couldn’t say a thing about it.

Question to readers, are you content without Flash on your device and sticking with the Safari browser, or would you like a “full browsing experience” as some might call it?  Just answer below and you will be entered to win a Novothink Surge solar charger for iPod Touch worth $70.

[Yahoo, MacWorld via US Copyright]



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  1. I love all things mac but this whole issue of flash not being available is really getting to me. I am very tempted to jailbreak my iphone but I do not want to void the warranty on a phone that I just spent hundreds of dollars on. therefore, Steve Jobs needs to get off of his high horse and moral high ground and make flash available to all of us loyal to the Apple brand. If its porn he is worried about it is stupid because there are already a number of porn sites that do not require flash to view as much smut as your tired little knuckles and palms can handle. So Steve, nut the f%&# up and allow flash on the Idevices already….

  2. i am content with safari on my itouch as i dont need all the benefits
    but flash would be very handy

  3. I like Flash on my itouch so I can have full browsing experience. However, I heard the sides of the story: flash may slow down the old itouch or iphone; Adobe doesn’t want to pay loyality to Apple so all iphone and itouch can handle flash.

  4. I’m all for a more open platform and like the option to load what I want on my device. So yes I prefer to have a more complete browsing experience. I moved to a Droid for that very reason.

  5. Jorge Shellman

    There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel incomplete because of my inability to use Flash.

  6. Just jail-broken my ipad on latest version 3.2.1.
    Absolutely effortless install, one swipe and its done!
    Great job.
    BTW, now Im totally sucked in the iPad, with it and iPad video converter from aneesoft, Im reading and watching videos, movies everytime, everywhere when wanna!
    I believe with this jailbreaking, iPad can bring much more for me! awesome!

  7. To me, I am a big fan of iphone. But while I was experiencing my iphone, I got nothing that can play any video which I wanted to watch on my nice device, except only video that they are made for iphone. I am so disappointed about my nice device. That’s why, I think the apple should reconsider about on what they have been denying about Adobe Flash on any Apple’s devices. Please, get along with Apple’s customers on what they are expecting something good on their devices, not depends on whatever the Apple’s INC wants to install, or not allow to install into the device. The World is rounding, and it’s not stable yet. So it means Technology is being increased extremely.Better care on what the customers are expecting. Better not, no listen to the customer at all. “Nothing gets successful without customer’s supporting”. Let’s our planet moves with a plenty of High Tech.

  8. You don’t know steve very well do ya rebe. If this was about money don’t you think he would have already sorted it out.

  9. I don’t believe for a second that it has anything to do with porn or technical issues. Jobs doesn’t want flash because people could develop flash apps and bypass his application approval process and run non apple approved apps.

  10. I am an Graphic Designer and have worked on MAC’s for years. Yet, Apple’s position against Flash is stupid to say the least. Most clients LOVE flash and want it. And so they should have it. And why shouldn’t people be able to choose if they want flash or not. I, for one, do NOT believe Steve Jobs & his assertions about why flash doesn’t work. Bottom line – he wants to control the web and how people interact with it. So I say open it up for flash & let users decide. Stop deciding for us, Steve.

  11. Steve jobs don’t want flash because he doesn’t want children accessing porn via an iphone.. Hes got a fair point maybee he should work with adobe to help imput into developing the next gen smart flash which adobe are currently undertaking top secret. It is to revelotionize adobe flash by allowing flash to recognizes porn videos by there coding. This will also allow the user to adjust content with minors on maximum detected automaticy through the sim registration details . The scoop is you will need to register the new software linking software to the phone registration . My inside informant says that the new software will be linked to a main frame data base . This will then be availabe to be viewed by authoraties if required via a suppena . The same way a mobile sim is recorded. .. So I suppose this is going to eliminate some of steves concerns at the same time deliver flash to long awaited consumers ..

  12. I have spent a year and a half b**ching about my iPhone purchase. All because it has no flash player. I develop in flash so I had no convenient way to show my work to perspective clients. I have been thinking about a creative way to destroy this junk product called iPhone and dumping AT&T altogether! Now at least I can hope for a flash release before my contract runs out. Then dump the Apple/AT&T B.S.

  13. Steve jobs is not our guardian, we are mature and smart enough to decide what software is good or bad for us,, I don’t mind viruses on my phone as versus having a useless phone that I can do nothing with it,,, when he was asked about the stylus he answered saying ‘who wants a stylus’,, so many people would like to have a stylus you damn iddiot!!!!
    Stop acting as a smart man and be a smart man you damnn fool, Mr. Jobs

  14. I not only want flash, I need flash on my iDevices and have often thought of dumping my iPhone to go with the Android, to keep from being “tied down”. Apple has been saying for YEARS that “it’s coming, it’s coming”, well, WHEN? Stop trying to monopolize the market and loosen your tie. Give the people what they want.

  15. Steve Jobs needs to grow up. All this time he has been hiding technical problems with the iPhone while pretending to be some kind of technological gate keeper. Flash is here to stay and is on the Android so get used to it. I opt for the full browsing experience. It isn’t just Flash movies (.flv or .f4v), it if flash games and interactions that make up a web experience. When I went into an Apple store and couldn’t even pull up half of my own website on an iPad. I was not pleased.

  16. #### Apple

  17. I think it’s ridiculous that apple won’t allow flash on their iDevices.
    As loyal customers to Apple we buy their products with the intent to own the best and have a product that out performs the competition. Their restriction on customization options and limiting things such as flash is wrong if they were to restrict these on their computers noone would buy an apple product. Since most of today’s people are mobile we want that full customization and full browsing experience

  18. apple needs to get a grip- they are not as good as they think they are. the company’s pride in specialized hardware and software is simply a way for them to deny they are the same as everyone else. I applaude this move by lawmakers as a way to legitimately turn the table on a stuck up company. I hope flash comes to the IPhone and apple stops acting like a brat- although I doubt either will ever happen.

  19. Agree with Adam…never understood why I was blocked from being able to use Flash.

  20. If apple ‘cared’ as much about it’s customers as Steve Jobs says it does, there would be a apple sanctioned flash option tomorrow. I, for one, would really prefer to see content versus that little window that says I need to download flash, me knowing damn well I can’t.

  21. It seems that if Apple really wanted to be the biggest and the best they would add in every feature (like Flash) to make themselves the best in the business. They are losing out on a big section that would make their products more desirable.

  22. End the monopoly – we have paid good money (one way or the other) for your devices and therefore deserve the right to use them exactly as we see fit including jailbreaking to customise as per needs/desires.

  23. I would definitely like a “full browsing experience”. It seems ridiculous that they are blocking a substantial amount of web content from their (often loyal) customers!

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