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Samsung offering free Galaxy S for iPhone 4 haters

This takes some real guts, and it’s one of the more unconventional marketing tactics, but it just might work out in favor of the Korean smartphone maker. It seems that Samsung is reaching out to frustrated iPhone 4 owners on Twitter, offering them a free Galaxy S as a replacement.  That’s right. Free. No contract. No obligation. No commitment. Here are the details, @samsungukmobile is giving out a limited number of free Android phones to people who have voiced their frustrations with the iPhone 4. This campaign has been verified as legitimate by Samsung, so it’s no trick.  They are also offering “trials” of the phone, but not keepers.  So you can see how it compares for yourself.  Samsung says they’re “confident that once people have the phone in their hands, they’ll see how impressive it is for themselves.”

As a quick refresher, the Samsung Galaxy S runs on Android 2.1 and boasts a 4.0-inch AMOLED display. By having a few more of these in the hands of real people, Samsung might be gaining some guerrilla-based ground in the mobile market. Maybe. But this does seem like a UK-only thing, at least for now.

[Wired UK via Samsung Facebook]



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  1. Well I have worked quiet extensively with the iPhone and now with the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000. I must say, the Galaxy is an amazing phone. I loved a lot of stuff on it like the Display, the multi-touch, the application installation process, the sound quality and most by far the power time the batterys last. All amazing. I have always hated the iPhone and have convinced many of my friends that the iPhone is crap even when compared to the Samsung Omnia i900, which I own, the only downside on the Omnia is the Touch is not as good at that of the iPhone, but now, iPhone will get a run for its money when it stands against the Galaxy S GT-i9000. I love you Samsung for this innovative gadget you’ve put into my hands, although it belongs to a friend of mine, for whom I was provision all the applications he needed. Well thatz gonna be my next phone very soon. Thanx, Best Regards, Ramesh

  2. I wish I had the iphone4 for a trial :)

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