Personal underwater sub is only $2,000,000

Personal underwater sub is only $2,000,000

Personal submarine available for $2,000,000 online
Personal submarine available for $2,000,000 online

Underwater exploration is not one of my passions, but if this $2,000,000 submarine becomes more affordable, I’d consider it.  This personal submarine is for sale from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalogue.  It consists of a large bubble window made of 3 ¼-inch thick acrylic that encapsulates two passengers allowing them to travel to the depth of 0.05 leagues under the sea (or 1,000 feet).  The sub is equipped with batteries to power a 3-horsepower vertical/translational thruster for six-hours of deep sea exploration.  Propulsion is only 3-hp, so don’t expect to do any underwater covert ops with this thing.  Four 150watt halogen lamps give you plenty of light to see the marine life, or floating oil if you take it down to the Gulf of Mexico.  An additional xenon strobe light makes it flashy for underwater photography.  If you’re kind of freaked out about buying a submarine from a catalogue, no need to worry, it’s fully classified and certified as an +A1 passenger-carrying manned submersible by the American Bureau of Shipping.  I’m sure you can relax as you torpedo yourself to the depths of blackness in a 6,600 lb sardine can.

[Uncrate via Hammacher Schlemmer]

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