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$35 Linux or Android-based tablet from India may never see the light of day

India's $35 tablet with 2GB RAM and USB ports

Yesterday we saw the announcement of a $500 tablet coming from India called the Olivepad. Today we have another tablet, this time a prototype also coming from India and is priced at a ridiculous $35. Apparently the price could go to as low as $20 or $10. It will even have green features, like the option to be recharged by solar cells. The OS will be Linux-based, however Android is one of the possibilities. Open Office will be included, a media player, and a host of other free apps.

The bill of materials for the prototype came to $47. Amazing, and no easy feat considering the iPad rang in at $230 for the lowest end model. Universities in India such as the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) have partnered with the government to develop the low cost components used in the tablet. Students have created their own motherboard and PCBs for the device but have no real manufacturing or distribution plans. A similar scenario from Indian start-up Notion Ink has promised the Adam tablet for quite some time. The One Laptop Per Child Project is also another program which never came to fruition. The odds of this prototype being mass-produced is not in the favor of the students. It does however seem like a great feat of engineering if it can be built at such a low cost (excluding labour I’m sure).

[Gadget Lab via Trak.in]



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  1. from where i can get this tab???

  2. from where i can get this tab???

  3. Hi,

    Its really nice and wonderful model. I am really so interested for buying it.


  4. ANDROID by india should Empower the RURAL i in india.

  5. Color me sceptical. There’re clearly two errors simply in the news broadcast itself (calling it a laptop, and saying it has 2GB of RAM–they must certainly have meant memory/storage).

  6. They originally targeted the OLPC XO 1 to cost $100, it was even dubbed “The $100 Laptop.” They eventually released it at $200.

  7. My apologies you are correct. The OLPC is shipping, it appears to be costing $199 to send one of them to a child/student. Wasn’t it $50 originally?

  8. Umm, what exactly do you mean by: “The One Laptop Per Child Project is also another program which never came to fruition.” ?

    I am fairly certain that the OLPC project has shipped hundreds of thousands of units of the XO 1, and are currently working on a successor.

    Just check out the press section of their site:


  9. You wrote: “The OS will be Linux-based, however Android is one of the possibilities.”

    Andriod IS a Linux operating system, so is Chrome O/S, so is Palm’s WebOS. For that mater, it’s worth noting that TomTom & TiVo both run on Linux. Mac OS X is made from Linux’s twin sister (called BSD). A this point almost everything except Windows is either Linux or close relative of Linux.

    • Thanks for your comments Lance. Android is a specific flavor of linux, while “Linux-based” could entail a custom made OS for the device.

  10. great indian rope trick.

  11. hey this is awesome..I’ve no words.. while notion ink can fulfill the needs of techies, this device is much needed for students..being a student, i was much awaiting for such a device which can virtually sign off to paper books, as most books are available as e-books or probably scanned versions can be used for reading. Please keep updating on this device.One more thing I could not get information about Display….?

  12. Well you can plainly see it is running Android. Most of the mobile apps you need can be found for free so I don’t see the software driving up the cost of this device at all. Good things don’t have to be super expensive.

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