webOS 2.0 coming ‘later this year’, HP Slate is for the enterprise

palm-rubinstein webOS 2.0 coming 'later this year', HP Slate is for the enterprise In an interview with Fortune, HP’s Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm, stated that webOS 2.0 is slated to be released “later this year.”  That’s a good indication that we can look to expect a few different devices coming from the Palm and HP camp; since they are working on developing new hardware “aggressively.”  I personally would love a Palmpad, or even a revamped Pre 2.  We’ll see what ends up happening, but that time frame sure sounds better than our previous 2011 estimate. For all we know we could have a Slate in our hands by Christmas.

Speaking of the Slate, HP Personal Systems Group VP Todd Bradley added that the tablet will be “more customer-specific than broadly deployed,” and that it would launch the Microsoft-based tablet with an aim towards “the enterprise” later this year.   What it sounds like is that Windows-tablets will be focused for corporate customers, with the webOS division geared towards consumers.


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