Olivepad 3G tablet from India chooses Android

Olivepad 3G Android Tablet from India

Leave it to India to tease us with a spicy Android treat.  The Olivepad, from Olive Telecom is an impressive looking 7-inch tablet that puts itself between a smartphone and iPad.  It’s running Android 2.1, with 3.5G HSUPA connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a TV tuner.  The Olivepad has a few features that the iPad lacks, like Flash playback for one, there is a USB mini port, a 3 megapixel camera, and the 512MB RAM is expandable via SD memory.  If the iPad had a camera, I wouldn’t complain so much, but Apple is making us wait for the iPad S I guess.

The Olivepad VT100 3G tablet is expected to launch this August for around $500.  You can still make calls with the Olivepad, but it’s not exactly going to fit in your shirt pocket.

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