Text’nDrive iPhone and Blackberry voice-to-txt app keeps your hands on the wheel

There are laws in many jurisdictions that restrict the use of cell phones while driving. Many people have invested in Bluetooth headsets for handsfree calling, but what about text and email messaging? For that, you may want to take a look at the Text’nDrive app.  Announced today for BlackBerry and iPhones, this app makes use of “intelligent speech technology” so you can listen to and reply to emails without actually picking up the phone. You stay as legal and safe as possible while still getting the message sent through, although you do have to deal with a robotic sounding voice synth.

Text’nDrive should work through in-car speakerphones and Bluetooth headsets, so you don’t have to give up that solution for your voice calls either. It’ll really depend on how accurate the speech recognition software is. If you can help it, it’s probably better just to pull over or wait until you get to your destination.  You can find the free app on the iTunes App Store or BlackBerry App World. A “pro” version chimes in at $19.95, though it’s not entirely clear what the “pro” features really entail. They’re working on an Android app too.


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