Sprint push-to-talk Motorola i1 Android phone coming Sunday

Sprint push-to-talk Motorola i1 Android phone coming Sunday

Motorola i1 headed for Sprint
Motorola i1 headed for Sprint

Worlds are colliding! Worlds are colliding! Realms that were once off limits from one another are starting to meld together, and I suppose that’s a good thing in the mobile market. The Motorola i1 is set for release with Sprint and it should hit shelves on July 25.

That’s this Sunday, for those of you anxiously playing along at home. There are a few reasons why this phone is rather important. First, it’s enterprise-minded with its military-grade rugged resistance to dust, shock, vibration, and rain. However, unlike so many other rugged numbers, the Motorola i1 runs on Android 1.5.  Tapping out the software suite are the avaialble business tracking and job workflow applications, as well as the “tough” touchscreen for use in the toughest of work environments. Other specs include Bluetooth 2.0, 3.1″ HVGA display, WiFi, 5MP camera, and Nextel Direct Connect.

The Motorola i1 will make itself available through direct ship, business sales, telesales and web sales this Sunday for $149.99. You’ll need a two-year contract and $50 mail-in rebate for that price. If you want to wait for the regular retail channel, that release date is set for August 8.

[BGR via Sprint]

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