Firefox Home for iPhone is not complete, but a good start

Firefox Mobile-type app for the iPhone released, Firefox Home

I’m pretty content with Mobile Safari, I don’t need a full-fledged browser for my smartphone and I highly doubt Apple will allow something to go above and beyond the current native offering. We’ve seen Fennec (FireFox Mobile) get released for Android, and Windows devices, so naturally Apple iOS should be next.

Playing by the rules Mozilla released a “browser extension” for your FireFox desktop software, FireFox Home. It’s free of course, and on iTunes for your iPhone to sync bookmarks, history and tabs with your desktop.

A Firefox Sync account will be required, and the browser extension installed on your home machine’s browser. You won’t be able to surf as you would expect, this is not a complete web browser. But hey, since we can’t get a full-fledged Firefox on the iPhone (right now atleast), this is the next best thing, right?

[Mozilla, iTunes Download]

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