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Apple to fix ‘Grip of Death’ with free iPhone 4 case, White model weeks away

Apple today held a press conference detailing their plans on how to rectify issues with their latest smartphone release, as well as other tidbits of information that may be useful to some. With the “Grip of Death” on most iPhone 4 owners minds, Apple’s press conference today brought about news that they hope will settle the surrounding confusion regarding this non-existent problem.

Basically, if you buy an iPhone 4 before September 30th you will get a free case of some sort, since Apple can’t make enough bumpers in time they are giving you an option as a so called “fix”. If you already purchased one, they’ll refund you for it. If that’s not good enough and you’re ready for some Android action, just return the phone within 30 days for a full refund. What happens after September 30th you ask? Well, there could possibly be a new version, the iPhone 4S with a re-engineered design that won’t drop calls. But that’s just a dream right now.

The much sought after White iPhone 4 will be shipping this month. We already expected it by this time, but so long as Apple keeps telling us new ship dates we’ll keep believing them.

Another issue is the proximity sensor. It’s not been all that nice to people, turning on the speakerphone and disconnecting calls like a ghost in the technosphere. Well, Apple promised a fix for this in the next software update.

And of course sales.  Over 3.0 million units sold so far. That is amazing, but sales are slowing down from the 1.7 million units that were sold in the first hyped up weekend. This slowdown could be attributed to supply issues, rather than bad press.



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  1. semantics.. one thing I am sure, Apple can mask and parade around with as many reasons as they like, the consumer knows if their iphone will drop calls or not. right now its .55% of customers.

  2. From the title on these report to the ACTUAL message that Steve Jobs (a.k.a GOD or he thinks so) have communicated on the conference last week everything is BS.
    Apple will not FIX the antenna problem with free bumpers.
    1) The problem still will be there. You remove the bumper… you lose signal. That can’t be called a FIX.
    2) Bumpers free to everybody? How are they going to do it GOD (and this time I mean the real one not the self proclaimed one) ONLY KNOWS! I have ordered mine on June 27 and I am still waiting for it today July 19. So are we ever going to get them? are they ever going to have them in stock to send them? are they going to start by sending the bumpers to who have ordered a long time a go or to the ones that are freaking out just now for the reception?

    anyway it is a total fallacy to keep saying APPLE is FIXING the problem. Apple is PATCHING the problem. But not FIXING IT. they will be fixing it the day they replace the so called amazing exterior antenna or coat it to avoid direct contact with the skin, then let us all know when to take the iphone either to repair or to swap. Personally I think the phones should be swapped. I don’t know you but when I buy something I expect to work or to be replaced. And if the fixed item comes later on I expect for them to take responsibility for the time we spent with a faulty phone and screw them. Replace it. I always wanted a WORKING phone from the get go not a repair one.

    one thing I am sure: even when they keep repeating it over and over again APPLE IS NOT FIXING THE ANTENNA PROBLEM. ONLY COVERING IT WITH A BUMPER OR CASE. THAT’S IT. THE PROBLEM IS STILL THERE!

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