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Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrids
Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrids

Manitoba among first to test Prius plug-in hybrid

Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrids

Despite some of the more recent hits to the company’s bulletproof reputation, the Toyota Prius continues to be the most iconic of the hybrid vehicles on the market. Even so, it’s still “just” a regular hybrid; that could soon change.  A new version is in the works and this take on the Prius will actually be a plug-in hybrid electric model. You can plug into a wall outlet so that it can recharge its internal batteries and the Canadian province of Manitoba will be among the first to actively test the new vehicle.

For these trials, Toyota Canada is partnering up with the University of Manitoba and Manitoba Hydro. The widespread availability of hydro electricity makes Manitoba a good choice for the tests and it helps to position the province to adopt more of these cars in the future. It’s easy enough to see how these electric cars function under the more ideal conditions of California, but how will it hold up to a rough Canadian winter? The one year trial could be quite revealing.




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  1. Paul Felix Schott

    Now if you put Solar Energy Panels (PV) on your Home roof and car port you can drive 50 to 80 miles each day FREE. Energy From the Sun. Many are doing so all over the Earth.

     Electric Cars and Hybrids Cars that run on Electric and some other fuel will soon out sell all others. With the Help of Solar Energy and People around the Planet getting more knowledge every day of it on the news and seeing it on more roofs everywhere. Those that have the  intelligence to see the good in Solar Energy are growing every day.

    Solar Energy in the next year will out pass most all other forms of energy.
    Right today November 22, 2011 under Solar Energy there is  19,000,000 websites and under Images 1,520,000 for Solar Power plants.

    For Coal power plants 1,290,000 under images.

    For Hydro Power Plants 3,690,000 websites and 1,5000,000 under images.

    Most in the World are re tooling to make Electric Hybrid Cars.

    Iran is a Little slow do to its export of crude oil, oil is number one in that country right behind that is their gas guzzler cars.

    Now Israeli is making a Electric Hybrid that you will be able to drive anywhere in Europe and in one tenth the time it would take to put gas in your car you can drive up and away with a recharged Battery Pack. Like a cordless drill or Cordless Tool it would take out the old and put in a recharged one back in in  less then a minute in seconds just like the Cordless Tool. You would pay for only the electric used the battery packs are owned by the car manufacturer. No more oil change stations or gas it will be a Battery exchange station. For those that are driving cross country
    the rest will be able to recharge at home or at work. Free from the Sun Energy Solar Energy (PV).

    This kind of car is going to but and end for the need of OIL for most world wide very soon.

    The Lord’s Little Helper
    Paul Felix Schott

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