HP gives up on developing Android-based tablet, atleast for now

hp-slate-bye-android HP gives up on developing Android-based tablet, atleast for now
HP to focus on WebOS for it's Slate tablet

We’ve been hearing about the HP Slate for what feels like an eternity. This thing is supposed to be the biggest competitor to the Apple iPad, but it has yet to come forth in any sort of official form. And now another iteration has been laid to rest. Remember how HP decided to call it quits on the Windows 7 version of the tablet? Now they’ve done the same with their Android tablet ambitions. The Google-infused touch device was originally slated (no pun intended) for release later this year.

So, does this mean that HP has thrown in the towel and is officially giving up on the whole “let’s fight Apple with a tablet of our own” battle? No, not exactly. You see, HP was simultaneously working on tablets with Windows 7, Android, and webOS. While the first two are now out of the picture, only the webOS project remains.

And I think that’s a good thing. When HP announced that it would be acquiring Palm, everyone clamored over the possibility of a webOS tablet of some kind. The Palm Pre was so close to being revolutionary. Backed with HP’s money and infrastructure, a more mature version of webOS could make for one killer tablet.


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