HootSuite to release Twitter client for BlackBerry devices, update for iOS4 too

I’m still more inclined to use TweetDeck on my main computer for all of my Twitter needs, but a good number of my friends prefer the browser-based HootSuite. They also use it on their iPhones. Well, it seems that BlackBerry could be joining the owl-themed team too.  In an update newsletter sent out this week, the HootSuite team revealed that they’re working on a Twitter client for the BlackBerry platform too. It’s not even in beta yet, but you can sign up for early access.

Twitter is a pretty big deal and going through the mobile site just isn’t satisfying enough for most power users these days. We want the ability to Twitpic, shorten URLs, share links, retweet, follow new tweeps, and more. It’s only through a suitably powerful app, like HootSuite, that we can do that.   On a related note, the HootSuite team says that they have updated an iOS4 version of the app for the iPhone 4. The updated version gives you Foursqure integration, font re-sizing, and support for that whole iOS4 app-switching thing. It’s not quite multi-tasking, but it’s pretty darn close.

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