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Apple to reveal iPod Touch 4G with camera next month?

Reports of Apple working at launching “something new” through their retail chain of stores got mildly noticed this week. Apple Insider reports indicate an internal news bulletin was sent out to employees, details were scarce but the unknown product or service, which may or may not be the iPod Touch 4G, is expected to make a “big” impact.

Retail employees reciting phrases like “It’s Coming!,” and “It’s going to be big!” were featured inside a collection of video clips. This makes us look more closely at Digitimes reports on an updated Apple iPod Touch with A4 processor expected either next month or September. An iPod Touch built around the new iPhone 4 style is a no brainer, and without any cellular capabilities would be a relatively problem free product release for Apple.  Although an 83-page Apple document could lean towards a retail store only announcement, detailing mobile kiosks, near-field communications (NFC), and simple barcode scanning in conjunction with an iPhone App titled “Products +” which is expected to help customers with products and services they currently own, or plan to buy in the near future, according to IfoAppleStore.com.

Reports also indicate a new Macbook Air notebook is on the horizon for release in the “second half of the year,” it will of course be “even slimmer and lighter” than the existing ultra slim and ultra light models.

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  1. i was bout to get a iPod touch 2g on amazon but once heard of this i decided to waitbut i hope it comes fats cant wait:)!!!!!

  2. when the ipod touch 4g comes out it’s gonna be the best thing ever so far

  3. @ding dong

    You the crappaarded ONE

  4. I got my 2nd gen couple years back and was gunna get an iPhone 4 but my birthdays at the end of September so I think I know what I’m gunna ask for now.


  6. one week ago i purchased the ipod touch 3g, luckily on the last day that i could return it, i did. so now i can buy the new ipod touch when it comes out….sooo close

  7. jennifer contreras


  8. I’ve had iPod touch 3g 32G for a while and well impressed, what are the pros and cons of me updating it to ios4?

  9. You can trade in the ipod 3g for 4g and have it recycled for 10% at your apple store or mail to them for free in exchange for the lastest generationn ipod

    • ahh. so you give in your ipod touch 3rd gen, and they give you an ipod touch 4th gen? i think not :/ or maybe. iuno

  10. ans: you wouldn’t

  11. sorry i meant to say why would you need to buy an ipod touch 4g if you already got an iphone and a old ipod touch??

  12. I am a proud owner of an ipod touch 3g and iphone 4 and really why would you need an ipod touch 4g if you have an iphone????

  13. It’s more likely that Apple would have a back facing camera for video and still photos. The 3G had a back camera but sensors did not work right. Now that they fixed it and put video on Nano, they will most likely make put one on the Touch to spark some life in the non-changing iPod Touch.

  14. The new iPod touch will not bear a camera besides a front facing one for facetime and as far as the design of it will probably not look like an iPhone 4 since the iPod touch is slimmer than the phone already.

  15. Hymm, i was thinkin about buyin a 3g, but now i think ill wait.

  16. I’m pretty sure the product the rumors were about was the magic track pad, the next iPod Touch wont come out, probably, until September. Just like all the others.

  17. I sold my iPod touch 2g today.I plan to buy next gen for sure,that’s a great device

  18. I can’t wait! I love apple and the iPod touch (i gave up on microsoft) and i want to show my parents that i have the new version, because they both have the 3g!

  19. And also it’s coming with FACETIME!!!!!

  20. I have been waiting for this since February. All my friends have 3G iPod touches but I want to stand out. PLEASE LET IT BE SOON!

  21. I was thinking about purchasing a 32GB iPod touch 3G for my birthday, but after reading this I will probably wait for this 4th iPod touch to come out. It sounds exciting – especially with the camera!

  22. you can return the 3g ipod touch if you got it from a good retailer then wait for the 4g.
    just do a restore on it first if you decide to do that.

  23. I’m looking forward to the new iPod touch 4G. I got my iPod when the 2G came out and was going to buy a newer one but I’m deffinatally waiting. I wonder if it will be able to be Jailbroken.

  24. Damn it I just bought a 3g

  25. The next ipod will have a 5 MP camera, this is for sure. Battery life will also improve because of the A4 processor, same power but more efficient.

  26. It seems like apple has heard my wish…my ipod touch is my best companion and I really want one with the camera…

  27. omg! i thought i was in LOVE iphone 4(i wont want one though, yes im a nerd)but i might just die for the 4g ipod touch. i have a 3rd gen. and the camera is the omly thing missing. sooooo going to get a ipod 4g when it comes out!!!!

  28. …looking like wannabe whats?

    This looks pretty cool but i’d like to know how significantly the hardware is going to differ from my iPod 3g. I’ve been pretty impressed since the release of iOS 4 and i’m wondering just how worth buying this new iPod is gonna be.

  29. I was planning on getting one tomorrow, but I think I’ll wait a little longer… Hopefully they announce it soon 😀

  30. You stupid **************…buy your CrApples and conform to looking like wannabes forever.

  31. If it has the same screen as the iphone 4, The iPod touch 4g’s screen will probably be more prone to scrath prone because it is two thin panes of glass laminated togeather. But it will probably have a high def screen

  32. I am going to get this. I hope it comes out in August but most likely it will be in September. Right now I have a 2g ipod touch 16gb. I wonder if the screen will be more scratch resistant since I can’t stand screen protectors!

  33. Can’t wait for it to come out.Was gonna buy a 32GB but now I’ll just wait for this 😀

  34. Just FYI, the 8GB version is actually a 2nd generation iPod touch, and the 32GB/64GB versions are 3rd generation, with upgraded processor, full iOS4 support, etc.

  35. same here! my mom asked me what i wanted for my bday, and i told her i wanted an ipod touch/ my bday is in august, so once i found out about the new ipod touch, i decided it wouldnt be such a bad idea to wait for a newer version. =)

  36. i was planning on going to buy an apple ipod touch 8g tomorrow, but now i think ill wait for the apple ipod touch 4g with camera . i truely look forward to it. this will be a major hit.

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