Stores soon to get cheap e-Paper price tags

Stores soon to get cheap e-Paper price tags

A Nemoptic ePaper price tag
A Nemoptic ePaper price tag

With oil prices fluctuating daily effecting food prices across the board, how do retailers manage to keep their pricing relevant without too much man power? Nempotic, maker of a high-tech display called Binem Active Matrix E-Paper has been supplying European and Asian grocery stores with these tiny remotely updatable price tags, which also happen to be a tree-free solution.  The company seems to have many tricks up their sleeve, making a two-inch, 170 dpi screen that can refresh in 30ms, without the dreadfully notorious e-ink reload that we’ve been accustomed to with traditional eReaders on the market.  The Nemoptic display is even capable of showing video, and will eventually branch out into other tech products if we are lucky.   Backlighting is a must, and Nemoptic has got that figured out as well, the only question remains is if they will beat Pixel Qi to the punch.

The resolution and contrast in these displays are nothing earth shattering, but making them affordable enough that they can be disposed of is the real clincher.  Below you can see videos of the refresh speed, half refresh, backlighting and playing video.

[Via Technology Review]

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