Nintendo 3DS: What you see is what you get

3ds Nintendo 3DS: What you see is what you getWhenever a company reveals a product ahead of launch date, they tell you that this may not be the final design. Such is the case with the Nintendo 3DS, but it seems that the Japanese game maker is unlikely to significantly alter the design of the 3DS before its release.  As you may recall, the Nintendo 3DS made its official debut to the world at E3 in Los Angeles last month. It comes with a new analog joystick, a slightly modified take on the DS design, a couple of extra cameras, and the 3D top display.

Platform producer Hideo Konna says that the handheld gamer is in its “final shape,” but Reggie Fils-Aime is quick to say that the final design isn’t quite there. This leads us to believe that some minor changes may be in the works, but there shouldn’t be anything major.  What if we want a bigger screen? They’re not denying the possibility of a Nintendo 3DS XL, but they’re not exactly confirming it either.

Nintendo 3DS Specifications

DIMENSIONS (when closed)
5.3 inches x 2.9 inches x 0.8 inches


8 ounces

3.52 inch widescreen display / 800×240 resolution (400 pixels for each eye during 3D gameplay)

3.02 inch touch-screen display / 320×240 resolution

Three cameras, two on outer casing, one above top screen / 640×480 resolution (0.3 megapixel)

Cartridge slot for both 3DS and DS cards (3DS cards have a 2GB capacity “at launch”, suggesting larger sizes to come) / SD memory card slot

2.4ghz / 802.11 wi-fi / Can communicate with other consoles or internet when in sleep mode / wireless can be switched off to preserve battery life

Touch-screen / D-pad / 360-degree “Slide Pad” (the analog stick) / motion sensor / gyro sensor / 3D “depth slider” can reduce (or even disable) 3D effects in games

4-inch stylus (when full extended)

Stereo speakers (includes stereo headphone out jack)

Lithium ion battery (lifespan details TBA)


The 3DS will include parental controls

[Via Wired]

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