BlackBerry Protect launches, offers BES security to non-BES users

blackberryprotect BlackBerry Protect launches, offers BES security to non-BES usersOne of the primary reasons why corporations tend to prefer Research in Motion’s BlackBerry products is that they provide a higher level of security than other devices. The trouble is that the highest level can only be had with BES. This is no longer true.

Even if you’re not using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and you’re simply connecting through BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS), you can try your hand at the newly announced BlackBerry Protect. This is “consumer-grade” protection software for BlackBerry smartphones. With BP in place, you can remotely wipe or lock your device from your desktop computer, remotely add contact information to the BlackBerry home screen, track a lost phone via GPS and cell tower triangulation, remotely activate a loud ringer, back up data over Wi-Fi, and restore data to a new smartphone.

The closed beta for BlackBerry Protect starts this week and the more open beta should follow a little later this year. When it hits the primetime remains to be seen.

[BGR via BlackBerry Blog]

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