iPhone 4 catches fire, hopefully just a one time thing

iPhone 4 catches fire and burns owners hand

What is seeming to be a never ending saga of turmoil and tribulation, continues with an iPhone 4 recently catching on fire when connected to a computer via Apple’s USB cord.  The owner somehow also managed to get burned, according to reports on the BGR website.

Apple did confirm to our AT&T connection that this did appear to be a defective USB port and not some sort of user error. Our source went onto say that the phone bezel was extremely hot (obviously), and it slightly burned the customers hand. The USB port in the phone was slightly melted and the cord was badly melted (as is apparent in the pictures).

It appears that a defective USB power port caused the fire, and should not be a widespread concern at the moment for other iPhone 4 owners; it shouldn’t be added to the list of continuing iPhone 4 defects, yet.

[Gizmodo via BGR]

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  1. gerard musuraca says:

    This Iphone 4 bashing is getting old and tired. Don’t you have anything else to do? Like everything else its not perfect.

  2. Mr Anil Kapoor says:

    This is not a problem with Phone, the user put the cable other way round, Obviously it had to burn.. this is a feature !
    You will sustain only hand injury for the first wrong attempt, second time you get arms third time, the phone explodes. This last feature will be there in iphone 5. I recommend, using iGel and wearing iGlove while attempting to charge. iGel retails for $79.99 for hot version, and $165 for cold version.
    Analysts are expecting 7 million iphone 5 phones to be sold in 1st week of launch.

  3. Bad Economy says:

    Perhaps they were cutting costs, and used sub-standard materials in your phone. It is all indicative of the state of the economy.

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