Rogers launching no frills, no contracts, unlimited brand “Chatr”

Personally, I don’t really understand the thinking behind this move. I always thought that Fido was supposed to the affordable cousin in the Rogers family, but it seems that Chatr is indeed for real and it’s coming soon. Adding a third brand under the Rogers umbrella, the main arm of the company will continue to do their corporate thing, with Fido becoming the mid-tier brand and the new Chatr will be the unlimited, no frills brand.

I thought they re-engineered Fido to compete with Solo and Koodo, but I guess Chatr is here to compete with the likes of Wind and Mobilicity. As I understand it, the new Chatr wireless brand will offer unlimited talk and text plans that are more in line with the bottom bracket competition. They’re also doing no contracts, just like the other newcomers.  The rumor is that Chatr will launch with the Nokia 2680 Slide, LG Sapphire, and Samsung Gravity. We’re also hearing that Chatr will be made available initially in Toronto, Calgary, Ottawa, Edmonton and Vancouver later this summer. These happen to be the same markets where guys like Wind are making some headway. No matter to Rogers, they already have quite the infrastructure already in place.

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  1. chad seguin says:

    Roger is a rip off! Also bell and telus. Had all three and got screwed every time! Go with WIND I’ve been with them from the start. And have yet to get screwed over.

  2. The three hater says:

    Start from yourselve, stop buying the 3 company that only need your 15 billion dollars and forget about you. If everyone does that, those 3 will get the message.

  3. alan hardwick says:

    canadian cell phones industery is messed up. We have the 3 main company’s that have other company’s under their names and any new company that tries to help canadian’s out the the big 3 just add more compitation under their own company.
    this is not right. Roger, bell and telus are just trying to corner the marcket and not caring about canadians needs.they just want their 15 billion doller revinue every year.
    gov or someone needs to stop them and help canadians out and smaller cell phone company’s too

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