US Cellular to get Samsung Acclaim Android smartphone

US Cellular to get Samsung Acclaim Android smartphone

Samsung Acclaim
Samsung Acclaim

There is a lot of excitement surrounding both the Motorola DROID X from Verizon and the HTC EVO 4G from Sprint, but they’re not the only ones doing the new Android dance. US Cellular is getting in on the mix with the announcement of the new Samsung SCH-r880.  Also known as the Samsung Acclaim, this smartphone actually gets loaded up with Google Android 2.1, which is just about as up to date as it gets for smartphones right out of the box. Key features include that 3.2-inch touchscreen and the slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

The hardware for the Acclaim pretty much runs par for the course and it probably won’t get the same drool-worthy glances as some of its Android brethren. Even so, you still get a 3MP camera, microSD slot (4GB included), WiFi, Bluetooth, and the usual slate of Google services. The kicker is that while the Samsung Acclaim may not be much of a looker, it will be available through US Cellular for just $99.99. You’ll need to sign a contract and deal with a mail-in rebate, but they’re also giving a $20 Android Market gift card to sweeten the deal too. Look for it July 9th.


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