White Apple iPhone 4 sees delays

White Apple iPhone 4 sees delays

Apple iPhone 4 in White sees delay
Apple iPhone 4 in White sees delay

The iPhone 4 is already hard to come by and some countries like Canada are still waiting on an official launch. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, you might be able to get your hands on what some might believe is a bit more special.

When Apple first released the black MacBook, customers had to pay a premium over the black one, but the upcoming white iPhone 4 should presumably chime in at the same price as its black counterpart. That was the case with previous iPhone devices, right? The downside is that the iPhone 4 in white isn’t quite ready for retail just yet. Aside from pre-ordered units, they are few and far between. Apple has admitted that “unexpected manufacturing challenges” have delayed the launch of the white iPhone 4. Apple expects them to be available in the second half of July.

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