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Motorola DROID X smartphone official

Motorola Droid X arrives at Verizon Wireless

The teaser trailer that we saw yesterday which some believed seemed to reveal more about the DROID X than we originally first saw. Well, some of those “leaks” were correct, and others were not.  Verizon Wireless and Motorola hosted a big event earlier today to officially unveil the DROID X and it looks to be quite the hot smartphone. Instead of that “leaked” July 2 launch date, we are looking at a July 15 release for this device. They also revealed the par-for-the-course $199 price point when paired with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate.

The DROID X from Verizon features a 1GHz processor, but it’s not a Snapdragon. Instead, it’s a TI OMAP unit under the hood. You’ll also notice that it lacks the physical keyboard of the Motorola Milestone/Droid.  Other highlights include the 4.3-inch 854×480 touchscreen, 8GB internal memory, 8MP camera with dual flash, microSD expansion (16GB included), Swype keyboard, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Exchange support, Flash 10.1 ready, and Android 2.1 with a “toned down” version of MOTOBLUR.

3G mobile hotspot functionality with support for up to five devices will keep everyone connected, but this comes at a $20 monthly premium. It may not feature the 4G connectivity of the Sprint Evo 4G, but the DROID X still looks really hot.

Smoking hot specs:

  • Texas Instrument 1GHz Processor
  • 4.3″ display with 854 x480 resolution, 400,000 pixels
  • 8GB on board storage
  • 8 MP camera with dual flash, HD camcorder
  • 16 GB microSD card expansion (expandable to 32GB)
  • Integrated Multitouch keyboard, optional Swype keyboard
  • 3G Mobile hotspot functionality with support for up to 5 devices, 2GB cap, $20 monthly fee
  • GPS
  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Support for Exhange and Gmail for Business
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.1 ready
  • Android 2.1 with a toned down version of Motoblur
[Motorola via BGR]



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  1. Where can I find a users manual for the Droid X? I just got mine and the small flyer that came with it doesn’t tell me anything about it’s functionality. I am wasting a lot of time and would prefer to have a reference.

    Thanks much. Cheryl

  2. Mobileme this phone is actually a very comfortable to hold and even in my pants pocket its so thin you can’t even tell its there. And when it comes to web browsing and playing video the 4.3 screen is INCREDIBLE! I have a entertainment system in my pocket.

  3. I have been sense a minor heat this morning from several individuals not looking to believe that the Droid X inventory may become limited on release day, as we noted before. Well we’ve just grabbed five extra screenshots from 5 pretty significant marketplaces and I’d point out again of which inventory appears to be very limited to me. Some of the major suppliers get up-wards of sixty devices, but some might simply have five devices. Now perhaps these quantities tend to be preceding common for a Verizon wireless introduction, however for a device this huge, I think I just thought stores would could have tried to have been overstocked.

  4. This phone is not that massive. Its about .3 inches wider than an iPhone, big deal. Its only .5 inches taller than an iPhone. Maybe you have pussy hands but mine will hold the phone just fine.

  5. lazy .. stop cryin and buy a different phone than

  6. I cannot imagine carrying such a massive phone around, much less picking it up and putting it next to my face to answer a call, and ending up looking like a complete dork. Seriously its like one of those iridium phones from the 1990s – though a bit shinier.

    What were they smoking when they designed this thing? Why not just get a real tablet instead?

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