Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader dropped to $150

Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader dropped to $150

Barnes & Noble Nook dropped in price
Barnes & Noble Nook dropped in price

One of the common speedbumps encountered by people interested in e-book readers is the cost of the device itself. This barrier to entry is getting easier to overcome, especially with today’s announcement of Barnes & Noble Nook. It may not get the same kind of attention as the Amazon Kindle, but it is just as powerful a device and even has a color screen to boot.  If you want the new Wi-Fi only version, you’ll just have to shell out a mere $150, that’s on par with the Kobo.

The new Nook e-reader was previously leaked out, but now the all-white Wi-Fi device has been made official. If you want 3G, you’re getting a break too, as the 3G Nook has dropped $60 in price, now being sold for just $200.  Aside from the addition of the 3G radio, the other difference between the two units is that the Wi-Fi has a white back, whereas the 3G has a grey back. Personal preference, I suppose, but the always-on connectivity might be worth the extra fifty bones.

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