Nokia tablet running Meego OS expected this year

Nokia tablet running Meego OS expected this year

Nokia Tablet concept image
Nokia Tablet concept image

When Apple released the first iPhone, manufacturers began to quickly release their own “touchscreen smartphones” in order to ride along side the newly created craze by the Cupertino company. It looks like the same thing is about to happen again, and this time its all thanks to the iPadNokia has been found to be working on a tablet device of its own, this could be in customers hands by the time Santa makes his rounds. Digitimes analyst believes the ARM-based Nokia tablet will ship in the fourth quarter of 2010 to select markets.

Reports also indicate that Nokia has worked on over 100 engineering samples of the mysterious tablet device. These samples would presumably go through a testing and tweaking process, so they may not necessarily be representative of the final product.  Regardless, it seems that Nokia has managed to keep it under wraps quite well as the only indicator officially labeled by the company is this concept image.

In terms of size, the Nokia tablet is could feature either a 7-inch or 9-inch touchscreen. They have no mobile devices carrying the Android OS, that leaves their Meego OS as the most likely contender.

Sadly,  the manufacturer for the yet-unnamed Nokia tablet is Foxconn International Holdings.

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