Wood log changed forever with the Stump Stove

stumpstove Wood log changed forever with the Stump Stove
Stump Stove burns five times longer than traditionally cut firewood.

How often does a wood log get some technological lovin? A log is a log is a log, is it not? Not the Stump Stove.  It’s a log that has been cut according to the specs of the companies patent which allows it to burn five times longer than a traditionally cut firewood log.  You can even extinguish it and reignite it multiple times.  One single 16-inch log, depending on diameter and density, can burn well beyond 3 hours.  Compare that to a typical night out camping, and you’re burning anywhere from 2-6 bags of firewood.  The Stump Stove is probably the most ingenious advancement to camping technology we have seen in decades. It conserves forestry by cutting back the amount of wood used, and also the amount of carbon released in the atmosphere when you burn it.  They sell from $15-$20 depending on the size, and are available in the US and Canada just in time for the camping season.

[Hat tip to Jaysunz]

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