iSatPhone Pro gone global

iSatphone pro hands on
isatphonepro iSatPhone Pro gone global
iSatphone pro hands on

Inmarsat’s global satellite phone that we got wind of earlier this year has now become available by various satellite phone providers, Satworx being one of them and is also appearing on eBay.  Their $495 price tag for the the iSatPhone Pro seems steep at first, but if you’re operating an adventure travel business, disaster-readiness operations or just visiting remote locations then this handset is an invaluable investment.  A monthly fee of $19.95 will give you 75 cents per minute talk time.  Satworx says that is cheaper than competing satellite phone company plans by 65%.

Just a refresher on the specs, the  iSatPhone Pro has GPS, voicemail, text and email messaging.  Bluetooth hands-free so you don’t have to keep that massively high-powered device next to your head.  It operates over global geostationary satellites and is the lightest satellite phone to date.

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