USB typewriter brings a bit of nostalgia to the iPad

USB Typewriter hooked up to the iPad

The ClamCase was a pretty realistic concept that is basically what we would expect of a product that aims to destroy the iPads true purpose and innovation. Dragging it back in to the notebook or netbook segment, it still got alot of attention, but I don’t think it will turn as many heads as the Jack Zylkin USB typewriter mod will. They sell for anywhere from $400 to $500, hook up to your iPad, and gives you that little bit of nostalgia that you were missing. If you have your own antique typewriter kicking around, Zylkin will digitize it for $200. Of course, for $75 to $150 you can get a kit of your own and give it a whack.

You will without a doubt have some work to do if you buy the kit.

Just in case you thought this was a joke, here’s the video.

[Gizmodo via Technabob]

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