Sprint launches Samsung Restore “green phone”

Sprint Samsung Restore partly recycled cell phone

Sprint’s latest green cell phone dubbed the Samsung Restore, is now available from the US carrier. Using 77% recycled materials inside, a 27% recycled plastic outer shell, the Restore aims to minimize our footprint on the environment so long as we don’t throw out our old phones to get this one. The inexpensive handset with a slider QWERTY keyboard, fashionably colored green or midnight blue, meets the Sprint Device Eco Critera. It’s also part of Samsung’s eco-criteria where toxic materials are “reduced,” but not removed. Samsung has had a tough time with their green initiative, Greenpeace called them out when they failed to meet their phase out promise of completley removing toxic materials from their products.  If you’re still interested, the new Restore phone is available immediately from Sprint for $49 with a $50 rebate on a new two-year agreement.  Alternatively, the Samsung Reclaim just took a price cut and is available for $0.00 on similar terms.

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