103MB/sec claimed with PQI TurboHDD USB 3.0 portable hard drive

USB 4.0 anyone? Not just yet, but it seems that Computex is glowing with USB 3.0 gear. And the PQI USB 3.0 HDD H566 is one of them; a portable hard drive with the new standard boosted with TurboHDD USB technology, claiming a 103MB/sec read speed and 92MB/sec write speed.

Platter drives still aren’t quite up to par with USB 3.0 external solid state drives — the Kingston Hyper X external SSD for example pushes a theoretical 200MB/sec — but still a heft improvement over USB 2.0.   PQI says their TurboHDD USB technology is going to give us a 53% performance boost when comparing their USB 3.0 drive to competitors.  Sure PQI, drop us down a unit and we’ll let you know how that pans out.  Until then, we can look forward to an H566 in your flavors of 320GB, 500GB, or 640GB bundled with “UR-Foretress” and UR-Smart software.


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