Samsung Android Galaxy Tablet, aka “sPad” photo leaked

samsung_galaxy_tab_tablet.dms_-540x447 Samsung Android Galaxy Tablet, aka "sPad" photo leaked
Samsung Galaxy Tab running Google Android photo leaked

With Apple hitting the 2 million mark on their iPad sales, it’s clear that tablet computers are going to be the 4th screen.  Rumors of Samsung releasing several tablets are this year rampant, and with their AMOLED technology they could really give Apple some serious competition.  The rumors indicate an 8-inch tablet will be announced in October, and a 10-inch two months later in December.  In the middle is the 7-inch display Samsung Galaxy Tab, an unofficial name but clearly brilliant in display and design next to the Samsung Galaxy S.  Aside from this, there isn’t a lot to go on in terms of specifications.  We could imagine 3G and Wi-FI support, MicroSD slot, 3.5mm headphone jack and possibly a front-facing camera right of the Samsung logo.  Rumors also indicate that the name could be the “sPad” and will launch in Korea this august under SK Telecom.  Now that would be something!

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