Asus Waveface tablet and phone concepts head for the clouds

Asus Waveface Light Concept Photo: Michael Kwan

One of the more prominent themes at this year’s Computex is the push toward cloud-based computing. No matter how much storage you have on your own device, you are inherently limited by some type of capacity. By accessing the clouds, you can have virtually unlimited space to stash your stuff.  And therein lies the Waveface concepts from the good people at Asus. Yes, they’re well ensconced in the PC market with their motherboards, notebooks, netbooks, and so on, but they also recognize the importance of looking to the future.

They’re just at the conceptual stage at this point, but there are three Waveface products in all, two of which cater more to the mobile side of the equation (the third is a TV). Waveface Light is a cloud tablet that can be used in either clamshell (notebook) or full tablet mode. It features a flexible screen with no visible hinge at the bending point.

The other concept is the Waveface Ultra. Designed to be worn around the wrist, this device can be unraveled to reveal the full length of the flexible display. It could be used as a mobile phone-like device, for instance. Asus says they are open to how these products can be used and how they can be developed into different branded items. For instance, their product rep said the Waveface Light could easily be configured to work with an Asus-branded cloud just as it could be used with Chrome OS.

Asus Waveface Light and Waveface Ultra concepts Photo: Michael Kwan

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