Hitachi reveals 7mm ultra slim drives for mobile devices

hitachi Hitachi reveals 7mm ultra slim drives for mobile devices
Hitachi Z-series 7mm Ultra Thin Mobile Hard Drives

With the evolution of portable computing, manufacturers live by several common principals; one of those is making devices an unthinkable size. Staying in line with Seagate’s 7mm Momentus thin 2.5-inch hard disk drives, Hitachi today unveiled their own trio of slim line drives. Upping the anti in respects to storage capacity, Seagate offers a 150GB and 250GB, while Hitachi has announced a 250GB of their own, and has pushed the envelope forward with a 320GB as well.

TheHitach 7200RPM Travelstar Z7K320 with 16MB cache will be geared to high performance portable computers, using only 1.8W of energy during read/write cycles, and 0.8W when idle.  The Travelstar Z5K320 with 8MB cache performs slightly slower, but easier on the batteries; only by 0.2W at 1.6W while active, and 0.55W when idle.   The third drive is designed for personal video recorders, tablets and other devices which a loud humming would ruin the experience;  the Z5K320 CinemaStar. It’s much quieter, ratings are 1.9 bels (19dB) with seek only and roughly 2 bels (20dB) during access times.  Hitachi plans to ship these drives in July and August, so look out for newer, slimmer and quieter devices to hit the store shelves in capacities of 320/250/160GB.

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