Databank offering some serious iPad protection

Databank iPad Cases at Computex Photo: Michael Kwan

As I was making my way in between appointments at Computex Taipei 2010, I came across one of those random companies that probably not too many people know. That doesn’t mean they’re not worth mentioning, because no one wants to lose out on a $500+ investment. Databank may be their name, leading me to believe that they’re involved in memory or storage, but it seems that they’re much more involved in cases, bags, and other accessories. The iPad has gone international, so it means that the iPad accessories are doing the same.

Yes, you could buy any number of regular cases, but it seems that Databank wants to give you some real tough protection. Some of these cases look like they’re made from some rather thick polyurethane or something, but I couldn’t really test their toughness; they kept them inside glass cabinets.

And it’s a good thing I got in the shots while I did, because the random guy at the booth quickly came out and said that I couldn’t take pictures. There was a language barrier, to be sure, but it seemed like he wasn’t even interested in getting some free press. But I’m giving it to you anyway, becuase these iPad cases are a sign of so many more cases to come.

Databank iPad Cases at Computex Photo: Michael Kwan

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