Asus Eee Tablet not really a Kindle, but not quite an iPad either

Asus Eee Tablet on display at Computex Photo: Michael Kwan

I’m not entirely sure what Asus is trying to accomplish with the Eee Tablet, but it seems to have found itself in the middle ground between a Kindle and iPad. On display at Computex Taipei 2010, the Eee Tablet is marketed as “the single device to reinvent reading and writing.” It doesn’t use the regular e-ink (slow refresh) display of the Kindle, but it’s not a full color “real” screen like the iPad either; it’s somewhere in between.

The 8-inch TFT LCD offers 64 shades of grey and it happens to be a touchscreen with stylus support. In this way, you can take notes, scribble drawings, and read books. Thanks to the integrated 2MP camera on the back, you can take and view pictures on this device too. The voice recorder adds even more functionality.  While it offers some advantages over a more conventional e-book reader like the Kindle (the 0.1 second page turn is nice), it’s also not quite a true tablet like the iPad and similar devices. This is one serious niche, I guess.

Asus Eee Tablet a "single device to reinvent reading and writing" Photo: Michael Kwan

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  1. Lex says:

    This is aimed more at an academic setting. You can take a photo of a powerpoint or diagram on whiteboard and write a note. Also, take notes, and get the ebook / pdf version of all those college texbooks from the publishers. Will also run apps from store.
    Differently than the ipad, which is basically an oversized ipod touch.

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