Apple sells 2 million iPads in under 60 days

ipad-carputer Apple sells 2 million iPads in under 60 days
Apple iPad as a "carputer" Photo:

When Apple first launched the iPad in the United States, it was relatively unknown how it would perform in the open market.  Being the first device of its kind, Apple took a gamble by yet again giving us technology that we didn’t know we needed, until of course we shelled out some coin to get it.  The iPad is a rock star, it sold 1 million units in the first month, beating the companies very own iPhone smartphone.  Now, not even 60 days have passed; Apple launched the iPad internationally, expanded to nine more markets, and they are sitting pretty at 2 million units sold.  At this rate they should blow past previous industry estimates of 7 million units in year one.  This July nine more countries will be offered the revolutionary device, including Austria, Mexico and Ireland.  No prices have been announced yet for these markets.

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