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Sprint rumored to get next-generation iPhone
Sprint rumored to get next-generation iPhone

Sprint rumored to get iPhone HD in a matter of weeks

Sprint rumored to get next-generation iPhone

Over the last year or so rumors have been running rampant over the release of a Verizon iPhone.  AT&T’s exclusivity contract with Apple is ending, several carriers are looking to get the world’s most popular smartphone in their stores and on their network.  While Verizon is still most likely to get the iPhone 4G (4th generation), another popular carrier also looks promising; Sprint.  This comes from a series of emails between a Best Buy Employee and The Tech Update. The email states that Best Buy will be carrying a Sprint iPhone beginning in June.  The source or store that the employee works at will obviously not reveal themselves, as they probably don’t want to end up losing their job and getting their house raided by big bro..er Apple.

While this is purely speculation, and there is a fair possibility that the employee in question is lying.  I personally think it’s very possible that a Sprint iPhone is going to happen.  It makes a ton of sense.  If Apple is no longer going to be exclusive to any one carrier, that it get on as many carriers as possible; even more so with recent reports of Android gaining momentum over the iPhone in the past months.  All we can do is wait for June to arrive and see if it gets released, if not I will run down the street with my pants down declaring my love for Android.



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  1. Living in the town where sprint world headquarters is and having very close friends who are quite high up in sprint i can assure you its a very very very good bet that you will see sprint with Iphone very soon.

  2. To Tom: Blackberry is still the WORLD’s biggest smartphone seller and makes up about 70% of the smartphone sales in the U.S.
    However, Blackberry OS is slow, and I’m done with it.

    The HTC Evo being released this Friday is easily the best-specced phone ever produced on the planet Earth, as confirmed by several sources. It blows the current iPhone out of the water, and will likely continue to do so even after the iPhone 4th generation comes out. As many of you know, pics and specs of the new iPhone 4g have been leaked. And the new one is SMALLER than the current one! I’m already cringing….

    I currently have the HTC Touch Pro 2 and to Derrick yes it is a bit slow at times, but this comes from the software it runs, which is WINMO. Ew. The new Evo will have a 1Ghz Processor, along with Android 2.1 and will run far more efficiently than the WINMO HTC devices. Add THAT to the fact that in just a few short months (last quarter of 2010) HTC will upgrade the Evo to Android 2.2, (code-named FroYo) which has a JIT compiler and will improve CPU speeds up to 5x, and you’ve got yourself a BAD-ASS device!
    Fact is: Android has come a long way and is the future of mobile devices, not Apple. It kills me that people STILL buy iPhones, knowing in advance they can’t run more than one app at the same time! Go with Android, multi-task.

    I live in Northwest Florida and the AT&T service here SUCKS. And after working for Sprint AND AT&T I can tell you that ATT jacks their customers for money, whereas Sprint does not. I wish Verizon would buy Sprint and ATT buy Tmobile so that they’re would only be 2 major cell carriers in the US and the REAL showdown would begin!!!

    • Daniel, I have been a sprint customer for over 1 years and I would agree with you on everything you siad regarding Iphone vs. Droids etc. I am unfortuneatly having the first major problems with my droid and my IT guys says it’s because sprint does not run WIDMO (Windows Mobil) you see, I need to access outlook for my job and we use a hosted exchange I have the HTC hero and my husband already has the new EVO I love his EVO and was excited to be getting it in May but neither the EVO nor my Hero will succesfully upload and run outlook. I am forced to have to consider switiching carriers because I can’t get any to work and I hate blackberry I want a touch screen. Do you have any suggestions? Sprint told me that a lot of people have had problems with this.

  3. Dude Grant – the HTC hero isn’t killing anything! How’s the battery life? Didn’t Sprint learn their lesson last summer not to make a big release (ie palm pre) amidst a new iphone getting released? iPhone news is going to drown any HTC/Sprint marketing. And ya, CDMA is newer tech than GSM. The draw of the iPhone isn’t to tinker around with crap, its the platform to develop mobile apps for. Its where the money is for mobile app developers. As cloud computing gains steam you need a window to it. Most big companies will develop for the iPhone first. iPhone may not be going to Sprint now but in time it will and it will be Sprint’s biggest seller.

  4. @Nick – Aside from an opinion on the article, you obviously know nothing of RF engineering or mobile wireless data standards. Sorry, but it’s true. You come off as another blind Apple fanboy.

    “Apple would have to develop a completely different phone for sprint or [sic] verison…”
    –Apple already built a CDMA version of the iPhone and offered it to Sprint before they offered to AT&T. The original iPhone was retrofitted with GSM just for AT&T. Apple wanted a carrier with high speed data but settled for 1xRTT on AT&T’s GSM since they were the only carrier willing to drink the Apple Kool-Aid. To this day AT&T loses money on every iPhone sold, which is why starting June 1 AT&T is raising ETFs to $375.

    “The simple fact is that CDMA [sic] cannont be [sic] miniturized like gsm. Just look at any of the [sic] supposive “iPhone killers” they are all huge in comparison to an iPhone.”
    — Again, no clue about CDMA vs GSM. Some have more mass than the iPhone because they DO MORE. Like multi-task. Nothing to do with the data chipset. The Palm Pre is certainly NOT bigger than the iPhone.

    “It is because CDMA is an old, outdated technology that the rest of the world left behind long ago.”
    –Point out 3 countries that left CDMA technology long ago. You can’t. They don’t exist. GSM is an antiquated technology as evidenced by the need for UMTS and HSDPA for high-speed data. CDMA was engineered to carry data at 3G speeds long before the world even had 2G data on the horizon. GSM can only transmit data at 1xRTT, which is equivalent to 64k dial-up in peak conditions. Hello! 1st gen iPhone! Remember those blazing download speeds?!

  5. Derrick Miller

    Grant sorry to put you down but all HTC phone SUCK! i had the HTC Hero and it always froze and the battery also SUCKED 2 hours of battery is not good enough for me! Sprint most likely get the new iPhone 4G because they need the extra help of the iPhone to bring back costumers that they have lost over the iPhone… i was with Sprint and i switch to ATT just for the iPhone like millions of others! none of us are not even sure that Sprint or Verison will get it but most likely YES! but we will NOT KNOW TILL JUNE OR JULY!

  6. isn’t iPhone’s CPU a SAMSUNG, not HTC ?

  7. There is nothing true about this article or it’s comments. There is zero posibility that sprint will get an iPhone anytime invthe near or even distant future. Apple would have to develop a completely different phone for sprint or verison that would be larger and have less battery life. The simple fact is that CDMA cannont be miniturized like gsm. Just look at any of the supposive “iPhone killers” they are all huge in comparison to an iPhone. It is because CDMA is an old, outdated technology that the rest of the world left behind long ago. The fact the any website would be willing to publish an article based on a rumor from a “best buy employee” is rediculous. People in apple corprate don’t have actual verification there is a new iPhone comming out on AT&T so why would a minimum wage employee from best buy have inside information. People need to accept the fact that AT&T has exclusivity on the iPhone for at least another year and a half and even if verizon or sprint gets is eventually their networks will not be able to handle the data load that would be put onto their networks and at&ts network problems will look like nothing in comparison.

  8. I work for Sprint Corporate and I can promise you this is not true. We aren’t even looking at carrying the iPhone until next year. We have the HTC EVO that is going to straight kill the iPhone… so in all honesty the iPhone is garbage in my opinion. I worked for AT&T for 2 years and carried the iPhone 3G for a year and it crashed CONSTANTLY. It is a great phone for many users because any beginner can use it. But if you want to see a real work horse of a phone (not a novelty phone! ) look at the HTC EVO. Besides, HTC has been making the chipsets for the iPhone since their inception, most people don’t even know that and that’s because they don’t know anything except, “Ooooo, lookie, it’s iPhone!!!” That’s the general thinking of the masses. They are intrigued by a shiny toy… go visit your local Apple store and see how many are getting them fixed and then you may think twice about your decision to get one. I could care less about the Sprint carrying the phone or not. Personally, I think we have a better portfolio than AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile in terms of phones we sell. Let’s face it AT&T was SAVED as a company because of the iPhone. Their company is still in limbo as a sinking ship, and they know it. Trust me when I say, the EVO is better and all these rumors about Sprint carrying the iPhone are exactly that, RUMORS!

  9. Why are people still spinning? It came out weeks ago that AT&T has the iPhone till 2012.

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