Sprint rumored to get iPhone HD in a matter of weeks

sprint-iphone Sprint rumored to get iPhone HD in a matter of weeks
Sprint rumored to get next-generation iPhone

Over the last year or so rumors have been running rampant over the release of a Verizon iPhone.  AT&T’s exclusivity contract with Apple is ending, several carriers are looking to get the world’s most popular smartphone in their stores and on their network.  While Verizon is still most likely to get the iPhone 4G (4th generation), another popular carrier also looks promising; Sprint.  This comes from a series of emails between a Best Buy Employee and The Tech Update. The email states that Best Buy will be carrying a Sprint iPhone beginning in June.  The source or store that the employee works at will obviously not reveal themselves, as they probably don’t want to end up losing their job and getting their house raided by big bro..er Apple.

While this is purely speculation, and there is a fair possibility that the employee in question is lying.  I personally think it’s very possible that a Sprint iPhone is going to happen.  It makes a ton of sense.  If Apple is no longer going to be exclusive to any one carrier, that it get on as many carriers as possible; even more so with recent reports of Android gaining momentum over the iPhone in the past months.  All we can do is wait for June to arrive and see if it gets released, if not I will run down the street with my pants down declaring my love for Android.

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