LaCie Rugged Safe is an all-terrain secure storage hard drive

LaCie Rugged Safe all-terrain hard drive

A Rugged Safe HDD case from LaCie has been released.  If your subconscious mind needs 128-bit AES hardware encryption, biometric fingerprint access all bundled in a cute little silver shock-proof enclosure in order to sleep better at night, then the sub-$200 unit will probably fit nicely under your pillow.

I’m more worried about losing my data and not ever getting it back then it landing in the hands of a stranger.  Most of my important banking information is encrypted, docs could be encrypted but I don’t see the need to. I’m not about to go doing that to w, so the 500GB model at $189 would suffice.  It’s encased in a “protective rubber bumper” with the internal hard drive mounted on four independent suspensions.  The Rugged Safe is “shock-resistant for maximum reliability and data protection.”  A 1TB version goes for $300, they attach to either USB 2.0 and FireWire 800 and are available from LaCie.

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