Kindle getting the pre-load on some Asus notebooks

Kindle getting the pre-load on some Asus notebooks

Asus packing Kindle app on select notebook and netbooks
Asus packing Kindle app on select notebook and netbooks

Due in part to the success and pure programming genius of the people at Amazon, Asus has decided to pre-load their notebooks with the Kindle Application for you to easily access all sorts of books, newspapers, and magazines right off the bat.    When you open up the box to your newly acquired Asus laptop, just log into your Kindle account to start buying all sorts of content.  Yes, I know, you can download the software for free on your own, but at least this kind of “bloatware” is useful for a good number of people.

The pre-loading of the Amazon Kindle application expands beyond full-size laptops too, getting pre-loaded on the Eee PC line of netbooks as well. Thanks to the Whispersync technology, you can start reading a book on your Kindle-equipped laptop and pick up where you left off on your Kindle e-reader handheld.

The press release from Asus exclaims that the notebooks in this range offer long battery life — up to 11 hours — making them a good fit for longer reading sessions. I wonder if this is a direct response to the “all day battery” claims of the iPad.  Whether this partnership was brought about by Amazon or Asus is unsure, but my suspicions lead me to believe that Amazon was the initiator.  Getting themselves on the Asus off-the-shelf will give them an immediate advantage over other cross-platform online eTailers like Kobo.

I can see the thinking behind such a move on the part of Amazon and Asus, but reading on a computer is not exactly the same experience as reading on a handheld like the Kindle or iPad. Then again, I’m old school. I still read “dead tree” editions of books.

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