First Bada OS smartphone launched with the Samsung Wave

First Bada OS smartphone launched with the Samsung Wave

Samsung Wave Bada OS Smartphone
Samsung Wave Bada OS Smartphone

Samsung’s bada OS has finally reached retail and is making its initial debut with the Samsung Wave smartphone, adding another option to the ever-growing list of devices.

The bada OS platform was originally announced back in November of last year, but now we’ve got some actual hardware running it and ready for purchase. The Wave takes Samsung’s lineup beyond Windows Mobile, Android, and even the TouchWiz-equipped feature phones. I think they’ve still got Symbian going on somewhere too.

In terms of specs, the Wave is no slouch. It gets a 1GHz processor, 3.3-inch Super AMOLED capacitive WVGA touchscreen, Bluetooth 3.0, WiFi, 3G, GPS, 5MP camera, and microSD slot. I’m assuming that speedy processor is Snapdragon too.  As great as bada OS may be, I think it might have been a better strategy for Samsung to focus more of its efforts on Android instead. Then again, Samsung is doing anything but putting all its eggs in one basket. Look at all those OS choices, but the lack of apps on Bada may kill it in the end.

Look for the Samsung Wave in all sorts of places around Europe including Germany, UK, and France. Prices vary from carrier to carrier, so shop around for the best deal.

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