Urbancase Transformer Desk hides your computer

Urban Case transformer desk
urbancase-walnut Urbancase Transformer Desk hides your computer
Urbancase transformer desk

Life is about balance, especially if you work from home it can be very difficult to separate the work world from the play world; so it’s best if you can put work out of sight and out of mind. Urbancase can help. They have designed a clever transformer desk that can jut out from your bedroom wall. In its closed position, it looks like a place where you can write letters to your loved ones overseas.

However, you can also flip it open to reveal your laptop computer, ready for all your graphic design and freelance writing desires. Well, “flip it open” is a bit of a misnomer, since the drawer can actually slide out toward you for this purpose.  Personally, I think I need a lot more storage space for my home office and it would be much more ideal to have a separate room (like a spare bedroom) where you can close the door and not see your work. Then again, if you don’t have the space, this could be quite the viable solution.

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