Cassette tapes get buried too with Sony boom box

last-sony-boombox Cassette tapes get buried too with Sony boom box
Sony CFD-A110 Boom Box, the final device from Sony with cassette player

It’s not enough for Sony to kill off the floppy disk today. The Japanese manufacturer is also bidding adieu to another legendary format: the cassette tape. What you see here is the last cassette-playing boom box ever. Well, at least from Sony.  In this day and age where most of us don’t even bother with physical media anymore, preferring to download our music digitally, the cassette tape feels decidedly dated. However, it was the first format to popularize the idea of recording your own music. It also started the first real “piracy” issues when people made copies of their tapes for their friends.

I remember recording songs from the radio for later enjoyment, something that simply could not be done with vinyl. I remember creating my own mixtapes so I could enjoy my own playlist of songs, rather than be restricted to a single artist from a single album. It was great.  In terms of this final Sony cassette player, the CFD-A110 boom box has the slot for the cassette tape, but it’ll also take on CDs, AM/FM radio, and even an external mic for your homegrown karaoke ambitions. Expect it to ship in Japan next month for about $215.

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