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Apple iPod touch 4G with 2-megapixel camera “leaked”

Apple iPod with integrated 2.0 megapixel camera

For the longest time, there were only a handful of things that separated the iPod touch from the Apple iPhone. The cellular connectivity is an obvious one, but it seems that one of the other differentiating factors is also going to be removed.  According to the most recent leaks spewing from Apple and out of Vietnam, the upcoming fourth-generation iPod touch will boast a two-megapixel digital camera. Up until now, the iPod touch has been lacking in the photography department, so this is probably a good change for the better. I don’t think it will cannibalize iPhone sales any more than the current iPod touch does.

Just like the leaked photos we found of the iPhone 4G/HD a short while back, these newer leaked pictures are coming out of Vietnam too. In this way, you will want to take the report as a fine grind salt.  At the same time, it does seem to make sense. Remember that Apple has already implemented a digital camera in the (cheaper) iPod nano, so why can’t the iPod touch take pictures too? The lower megapixel count compared to the iPhone is a little disappointing, but let’s hope that it at least has autofocus.



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  1. Im on my iPod 4g right now and the camera has a decent quality to it aha and the Display is very nice :)

  2. I think it won’t be able to put a camera in middle, if it really has a camera, apple will put it in the corner, right??

  3. EferBafonkiiee

    Well I think that this is real because eat the facts people HAVE been asking for a camera in the iPod touch and this could be a prototype and they are just testing the camera and once apple agreed that the camera is fully functional and there’s no errors they are going to put the ISO4 or whatever it is, of course the iPod is not going to look like that because apple is all top notch and fancy and they always make their devices all very nice. also it is a good idea because some parents won’t let their kids get an iPhone just for the camera and apple is smart to put one in a iPod touch. So kids can have fun with the camera. And an iPod touch can be like a iPhone if you have wifi at your house then you can use Textfree to text people and Line2 to call people off the iPod touch. But some people say that adding a camera to the iPod touch is just like getting a regular camera but does a camera have fun and play games on it no you can’t. so that’s why I think a iPod touch camera is a GREAT idea[:

  4. ok let me get this straight my thoughts are this is real

    they didn’t put the iOS on the ipod touch because they were just testing it to see if the camera works.He could also disable the touch capabilies.

    The vietnamese website this was leaked on also leeaked the iphone 4g which looks exacly the same as the one realeased by Steve Jobs in 2010.

    Apple also made slots for a camera in the 2nd and 3rd gen ipod touch. Peope have been wanting a camera on the ipod touch since the 1st gen ipod touch was released in 2007.
    (check forums in 2007 aboout it)

    I may not be right but i think this is the real one that may get released in september 2010

  5. well people have been complaining about not having a camera on the itouch and y would people argue over if a camera is going to b on the i touch or not ull find out when it comes out now wont u all

  6. why wouldn’t they put a camera in it, Not everyone is going to buy a iphone with $50+/month fee. Second the new iphone has a 5meg camera and hd video, so an itouch still doesn’t compare to the iphone, also they need a reason for people to buy the new itouch, and since it already got a faster processor last time, they are out of options but to put a camera in it. iphone or itouch, why would apple care which one you buy, both give apple money, the itouch is cheaper to make and the $50+ cell bill/month doesn’t goto apple, it goes to the cell company, so apple doesn’t care if it is a iphone or itouch.

  7. The camera is for people who don’t have AT&T in there state EG. North Dakota which will not have At&t until late 2010 early 2011… We can’t buy iphones yet so we live with ipod touches.

  8. i believe that these are fake, but only because of the layout of the “new ipod” and the way the camera is positioned

  9. Guys, stop saying that -“Apple will not add a camera to the Itouch, because otherwise there will not be a difference with the Iphone”. There are differences. First, people like me, don’t want the AT&T cell phone service, but want most of the benefits of an Iphone on their finger tips. Second, the Itouch can only access the internet in areas where Wi-fi is available. The Iphone, on the other hand, can access the internet anywhere. And this feature, in my opinion is what attract people to really invest on the Iphone vs. the Itouch.

  10. wow you guys os4 came out in like June and this post was published before that jeez idiots

  11. First of all…..Didnt this video came out months ago? like almost half a year ago?
    It can very well be the original prototype for the Ipod Touch 3G. not 4G

    Enough with the FAKE or REAL thing..guys

    This, looks like a REAL ipod touch.
    But it’s not gonna be the NEW ipod touch.


  12. The one right there I’m not sure about , but they are coming out w/ a new iPod touch and it is going too have a camera on it so u can do video chat , like u can on the iPhone 4. Y’all can think it’s fake but they are working on one.

  13. and with that being said… i think the iPod is jailbreaked… =P

  14. many people out there might be a little skeptical because well if they did include the camera than it’ll kinda be exactly like the iPhone but let’s think about it like this… Steve Jobs released the iPod nano and the iPod Classic and yet their basically the same thing except for the fact the classic can hold more memory and has a bigger capacity to hold songs, videos, games and photos… they released the iPad which basically was basically a bigger version of both the iPod touch and iPhone and has a bigger screen… I personally think it’s real cause like Steve made a lot of look alikes already in the past and i really am not shocked to see this… and with that this rumored iPod touch is just a prototype too… Steve could easily change the iPod on September since he probably doesn’t want the world to find out about the iPod’s real features before he announces it…

  15. why are the pictures so freaking small

  16. it`s NOT fake think a little bit.

  17. Are you guys dum its freakin fake if you look at the camera its totally plastic crap and a camera would never be that much open it would be damaged as easy as nothing + they just right released iOS 4.0 and they would tell all about a new system if that should happen and theres no difference in the look and try look at the corner its scratched like if id was loosed newbz

  18. They usually release new models in september.
    It looks fake, because it’s a pro type..thus the OS won’t looks fancy…it’s just basic testing.

    Who knows, we’ll se in september.

  19. R u guys all seriously that dumb? First of all, iPhone has much more than the iPod such as the retna or watever screen. Also you have 3g capabilities unlike itouch. Adding a camera won’t do crap to iPhone sales… And this rumor is almost a year old. People thought the camera would come out in the 3rd gen but Jobs was being a dick as usual and canceled it at the last min. And that is obviously a testing software… The viets aren’t Chinese making fake crap…

  20. Wow u guies are retards. Why on hell would appleleave a fuckin brand new itouch just lying in some gay ass cafe , i think apple is smart enough to keep a ipod away froma retard developer that goes to a cafe with a big secret like dat shit. And why on earth would any body have it with him. Also if apple was testing it wouldnt they probebly to use iOS 4, to make
    sure everything is normal? And again like the developer said why on fuckn earth would apple put a buttons app. And a acceslometer app. Look this gay ass fake i totaly agree its not photoshop put anyone could open an i tpuch and put a fake camera lens in it. Got it? This is gay ass fake. And again why on hell would the ipod be landscape and be that ugly looking

  21. The itouch with the camera was a prototype for the 3g, the itouch 4g should be coming out september, 2010. Apple might put a camera in it, but then the itouch will over shadow the nano, iphone, and ipad, because it will be cheaper and have most of basic features, with the acception of the giro software, and the duel camera on the iphone 4. In opinion its a bad buisnes move, but apple might go with it because a majority of people want a cam in the itouch

  22. I must know when this is comming out in Canada!! I don’t care about your same old crap about if it’s fake or not. If it is real when does Canada get it?!

  23. lol this is obviously real, who said the ipod was off? EXACTLY, this is only a prototype because the back, if its photoshop then why is it that the reflection is different, so think before youcomment

  24. haha its funny how people say this is all fake cause of the different OS ITS a prototype … there not gonna put the real deal in the proto type …. and joe mama the right side is probably lighter cause of how the lighting is.. come on this isn’t rocket science.. my dad figured this out and he doesn’t now sh*t about this.. its common sense.. and who says the itouch cant get a camera cause its a gaming device… the dsi has 1 and its only made for gaming… and no if i had the choice to choose from a ipod touch to a iphone .. i would choose the ipod touch because with the iphone YOU have to PAY like 50$ a month and with the ipod touch u don’t… so i dont see why the ipod touch cant have a camera (:


  26. Right. Your all idiots… No offense.
    Chances are apple are going to put a camera in their new iPod touch, they will still get plenty of iPhone sales. This would be partly so there’s another platform to utilize face time. However, it sure as hell won’t look like this. Did anyone think about the new look apple are going for with the ipad and iPhone 4? They have realized that the all chrome look is getting stale, so they are changing it up. They aren’t going to leave iPod touch’s design behind. Chances are it have either a brushed aluminium back (ipad), or slightly less likely, a glass back panel (iPhone 4). Also that’s obviously not a test os as that would ridiculous. Yes, apple do have test os, but did you really believe it would look like that?
    Oh, and it’s also fairly likely that iPod touch will come in white as well, seeing as it looks like that’s the path apple want to take.

  27. omg you guys are soooo damn stupid…kay first of its just a damn prototype program on the ipod to test if the camera actually works..god you guys are so damn stupid. when they finalize it they will put it with the 4.0 software idiots omg haha

  28. And if u observe the iPod on the right it is lighter then the one on the left. The left has a more heavy colom volume. Clone tool-Photoshop. He just used the clone tool to make another and put a fake camera. *cough* PHOTOSHOP. WHO SAID THAT!?



  31. @qwertrewq who’s stupid, the last I checked you spelled think wrong, and guess what came out today, that’s right, a NEW os.

  32. this is so FAKE. Everybody that thunks this is real your stupid.Did you watch the video, is a different os, apple is notgoing to change the os.And those that think it is stupid for the itouch to have a camera cause it is to close to the iphone,your stupid to.Iphone can call other phones. ipod touch needs wi-fi to call people with a application you get on the app store.

  33. This is fake.
    How do I know? Well being a developer with Apple for the last year and three quarters has helped.

    This is yet another cheap rip off disguised to look exactly like an iPod touch. I’ve seen these things for every version of the iPod for as long as I can remember.

    First off the firmware on the iPod touch is completely different than the standard iSO for normal iPod touches. Why on earth would there be a “buttons” icon, or one for ambient light? Why would it unlock in landscape when the iPod Touch is based off of Portrait?

    Think about the obvious things, then it becomes clear. Yes, it would be very nice if Apple decided to put a camera in the iPod Touch, and they inevitably will. It will be better than 2mp I’m sure though considering the new iPhone 4G has a 5mp camera with flash and FaceTime.

  34. This is the old 3rd generation iPod Touch. If you payed attention last year you would realise that this is EXACTLY what the old iPod Touch 3rd gen prototype was going to look like, Apple just couldn’t fit the still camera into the back. (Reason why the iPod Nano is only video) Also, this is clearly not the real firmware, they use this for testing purposes; go look up some other iPhone/iPod Touch prototypes and you’ll see it on them, too.

  35. i’d agree with kiv!the market is filled with fake chinese iphones and ipods,just looking ike one,but inside,it’s just crap!like it only works with java!!!!the os is the best proof for it to be a ******** fake!

  36. kiv, it’s a test software. people are too thick nowadays :(

    did you even watch the video? he shows it when hitting the home button that the test diagnostic software detects the button being pressed.

    Think before you type please i beg you :(

  37. Seriously, it might not be fake. But, If this is the real one, it looks stupid with a camera, you’d of thought they’d try make it look abit nicer? Maybe stick it somewhere else.

  38. Ok, if it’s real, THEN WHY ISNT IT RUNNING ON AN APPLE OS??? THIS OS LOOKS NOTHING LIKE 4.0!!! seriously, nobody even mentioned that… its key proof that its fake >.>
    There is no proof that is real, all you need is an electronics shop to mod an ipod touch like that… no proof that its real…

  39. if this is the new ipod touch 4g than they can give the software a much better look this just looks ugly

  40. if they put a video camera on the ipod nano, what makes you think they won’t put a camera on the ipod touch? turn on your brains people. we would just have to wait for the confirmation now don’t we. T____T

  41. Real! The phone is exactly that a phone – the touch allows you (not as conveniently) to make Skype or voip calls but you still need wifi. The phone utilizes 3G so you can make calls or access data. The big difference with the phone is you don’t need to be near a wifi spot for data or calls and people are willing to pay for that. They finally added it as they wanted to hold out, sell as many without the camera then introduce a new desirable version to increase/revamp sales. makes complete sense. if it doesn’t look like the one in the pic then it’ll have a camera somewhere on board.

  42. are you even serious? it’s fake. apple would never change the format..i have seen fake phones even ipods you can only tell from the format. apple knows the important of camera that’s why they have one on the ipod nano. they will not put cameraa on the itouch….not when they are about to have a contract with sprint.

  43. asmhamh, how do u no its fake? theres no proof that its fake. there is so much as one in the video, that being real is the only evidence. And why put a camera? because people want a camera. and why buy a iphone? well because the service is $$$…every month.

  44. Guys don’t listen to who ever this is it would be completely illogical because one of the many up’s to the iphone is the ability to record videos and take pictures that is one of the major differences between them they have a 100 dollar difference and nobody would buy the iphone cause you can text and call on the itouch a camera would kill the iphones purchase rate

  45. Your an idiot if you think its fake…they have a new ipod and iphone every year. And they tried to put a camera on the 3g one but put it on the nano instead and now theyre makeing it because of the high demand for a camera on it cus not everyone wants to switch to at&ts awfull service.

  46. How is it fake idiots? These guys have been release leked products for weeks now. What else would they do w/ a touch? People have been talking about a touch camera for 2 years now so it would make sense for apple to do that

  47. How could it be fake? It has a video showing working and the prototypes never have had iPhone os on then that is testing software they used it on the other prototypes to.

  48. This is so fake. Stop spreading stupid ***** rumors. Why would they put a camera on the ipod touch?? Their would be no difference between it and the iphone. If you want a camera on it then just go buy a iphone.

  49. when is that coming out in australia?!
    please reply, i dont know whether to buy one now or wait til that one comes out!

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