Leave the mice outside with facial recognition cat door

Facial-Recognition-Cat-Door  Leave the mice outside with facial recognition cat door

Facial Recognition Cat Door

I’ve never owned a cat, but I know a few people who have. They have also told me that their outdoor cats can oftentimes come back home with a little gift in their mouths. Are you tired of finding dead mice and birds on your kitchen floor? This might be the gadget for you.   What you see here is a face recognition cat door, a rewired version of the Cat Mate door by Quantum Picture. It looks and works much like a regular cat door, giving your furry friend free access to the outside world, but it comes with a nice technological enhancement.

As you can quite plainly see, there is a small camera that takes a look at your cat’s profile. If Kitty comes home alone, the door latch opens and she can wander back to her bed in the corner. However, if she happens to be dangling something which once roamed the wild from her mouth, the door won’t open.   The assumption is that your cat will eventually learn that bringing home “gifts” is not appreciated. Alternatively, they may learn that this door is not the best way to get back inside.

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