OWC Mercury Extreme Pro solid state drives are speedy and capacious

OWC Mecrury Extreme Pro SSD

Solid state drives were once the territory of people who had too much money on their hands, but the format has quickly become more affordable. It’s also faster and offering more storage. Continuing this trend is a new SSD line from Other World Computing. The new OWC SandForce processor based solid state drives can sustain data rates as peppy as 285MB/sec. They’re also being offered in capacities as big as 480GB, removing previous complaints that SSDs were too small.

OWC also says these four new “prosumer” desktop/notebook user class drives, which are being added to the existing and award-winning OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD line, can offer up to 28% enterprise-level over-provisioning. They use up to 1/7 less active power too.

Naturally, these SSDs still aren’t as cheap as their spinning platter HDD counterparts, but the prices are definitely coming down and performance is going up. The cheapest is the 60GB unit can be had at $219.99. You can alternatively opt for the 120GB ($379.99), 240GB ($699.99), or the 480GB ($1,579.99).

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