Sharp develops cheap mobile 3D camera

sharp-3d Sharp develops cheap mobile 3D camera
Sharp 3D Module for mobile devices

They say that 2010 is the year of 3D, but apparently this expands well beyond the consumption of three-dimensional content on your new 3D HDTVs. As it turns out, you’ll start producing some 3D video of your own and on-the-go no less, thanks to Sharp.  The megapixel race in camera phones has reached a point where it really doesn’t matter that much if you have a 5MP shooter or an 8MP shooter on there, but 3D could totally change the picture (No pun intended).  Sharp’s new 3D camera module could fit not only in cell phones, but also in something like the upcoming Nintendo 3DS. In fact, the new 3D camera module from Sharp is set to hit mass production this year, meaning that it could start popping up in all sorts of mobile devices sooner than you may expect. They might start tossing these things in laptops and netbooks too.

It’s not like 3D digital cameras don’t already exist, but pushing the technology into cell phones and similar mobile devices could popularize the format. It’s the same thing that Twitpic and similar services did: I take a good number of pictures with my smartphone for sharing on Twitter and Facebook. What if I could start sharing 3D pics too?

As if that wasn’t enough to whet your three-dimensional appetite, the Sharp module is supposed to be good enough to shoot 720p HD video in 3D too. That’d be an industry-first for mobile devices. I wasn’t all that excited about 3D, but this could really change things.

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